lundi, novembre 17, 2008

Sunday comfort food

I'm home alone on Sunday and after few hours, I already missed my husband... huhuhu... So what do I do? I whipped up a comfort food. I know this is bad for my already gaining weight body, but then I just need this... I made "pain perdu", in which in english it is called "french toast" hihihi...
Few minutes later, I'm on the couch and munching on one of these.

Pomme de terre sautée

Special feature: My husband's pomme de terre sautée à la crème fraîche :D

mardi, novembre 11, 2008

Tea for Two

Winter is here and there is nothing like sipping hot tea in front of the fire with your favorite winter reading.
So I don't have fire place in my house, but I still can enjoy my tea in winter right? mmmm...
There are several stores in Nancy which sell all sorts of blended tea. I take tea at the office too. Tea, office, gossips - bliss... So checkout what I got recently.
I splurged a bit hehehe.. I bought 4 sorts - Poire Gourmand (Gourmet Pear), Jasmin Mandarin (Jasmine Mandarine), Blue Sky (this is from the floral assortment - it has rose petals), and Montagne Bleu (Blue mountain - this contains blue flower with hint of honey).

I put them in the individual tea filters for 1 cup. This filter comes in different sizes. You can get it for a teapot. I prepared them now so that when my colleague rang me, I'm good to go for some gossips (i mean tea)...

Mix flakes

The mini box is too... mini..
So I mixed 2 kellogs box into one bowl: Frosties and Coco Crunch. Yum!