dimanche, décembre 31, 2006

Chez Flo - Excelsior

On the Xmas day, we were invited to have lunch at Excelsior. This is one of restaurants in Nancy with high reputation. The decoration inside the restaurant are from Ecole de Nancy (les Beaux Arts).
The appetizer is somewhat cute. In small glass, the top is a light cream, and the bottom is a mix of crab meat, herbs in jelly. Yes, here jelly is used in savoury type of food and not in desserts.

This is what I had and most of other people on the table. Rosini - Pavé de boeuf avec du foie gras (Beef steak with foie gras on the top). The mix of beef and foie gras is yummy! Then it comes with 3 balls of potatoes with hint of truffes (a very expensive kind of mushroom). I thought they should've put at least 5 balls rather than only 3.

This is Pavé de veau (it is veal) and comes with mushroom and artichokes.

Ahhh desserts.. that's what we came for...
Each of us took different dessert on the menu...
This is Gratin de poires fraiches.

This one is Vacherin de glace "vanille-fraise"

This is Croustilles du chocolat.. It is a bit light like a mousse au chocolat.

This is Tarte au chocolat.. It really looks like a bar of chocolate heheh.. It is thicker and the base is very thin. I had hard time to finish it.

Xmas eve dinner

The photos didn't do the justice. There are a lot more foods that night, but I just caught up with eating and doing dunno what kekekeke...
Seafood normally the entrée. That night we had crabs legs, shrimps, oyster, stuffed salmon. And also foie gras, but no picture taken. Forgot huhuhu...

For the main course we had roast lamb, with potatoes and french bean (no pictures taken there because I think I was caught up with eating hehehe)
Off to desserts....
Mister Snow, the ice cream pyramid, and also les petites reductions sucrées.

CentralHotel - part deux

Kodak moment.....

CentralHotel - Offenburg, Germany

This is my second time staying at this hotel. The people who work here are all seniors hihi and they are so nice. I like the breakfast place too. For 35 euro you get a nice bedroom and breakfast buffet inclusive.

Shafeez joined us later... these are the faces of people who hold the fort for him kekekeke

vendredi, décembre 01, 2006


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dimanche, août 27, 2006

Mirabelle - yellow prune

Now is the season of mirabelle in France. Lorraine, the region where I live in is famous for this little yellow prune. I didn't buy the actual fruits yet because in the market, the fruits just arrived and some of them are still green. I'll wait a lil bit. However, my MIL has already started making tarte aux mirabelles!! We got one big tart 2 days ago, and after someone wallop it within 1 night, she decided to make another one.
This time I managed to get a picture of it. Although if you can see, it has already been eaten.. hehehehe

mmm Homemade tart is always the best.... I hope one day I'll have the courage to try making my own homemade tarts.

Tea time @ Weng Hoak

Saturday, day to do shopping and window shopping.
After a tiring day hehe, I decided to stop by at Weng Hoak, and I know at 5p.m there are no one eating there. That would give me a quiet time for tea time.
So I took a pao, and set of 4 crab rolls, with hot green tea.
I like pao, not because of the fillings, but because of the dough.. I think I can just eat the dough without fillings hehehe... Then the crab rolls are delicious, not oily at all. The outside part is the "brick", dunno what it is called in english. It is actually like popiah skin, but vietnamese use a skin made of rice flour. And when it is not cooked, the skin has white to transparent color.
The green tea came in a very nice chinese mug. As you can see, it has a special tea filter. Just let it set for few minutes, then take the filter out, and you have a mug of hot tea.

mercredi, août 23, 2006

Chinese + Japanese

This is what I had yesterdayfor lunch. Today I had takeaway kebab and fries, but they all gone before I could say cheese hehehehe.
Still not that happy with the quality of photos taken by my qtek. Have to tickle some of the properties perhaps.
This is one of the chinese hangout place that I like.
So I had the white flour thing (chee cheong fun??) and underneath them, there are some taugeh. They called this "Ravioli Vietnamien" (Vietnamese Ravioli). It's serve lukewarm and the sauce is kinda special (I think it is popular for vietnamese sauce). I added some kicap to go with it. And I also had sushi. Since sushi is not their specialty, the sushi consists of non-raw products (spinach, carrot, omellette). And the prawn there is not raw, it has been boiled I think.

dimanche, août 20, 2006


Just got the force to make bergedil on Saturday.. hehehe
Bergedil is a mix of mashed boiled potatoes and minced meat, roll into a ball or patty. Then dunk it into egg and bit of flour. Then deep fried.
Here is the mix of potatoes and minced meat.

Bergedil made in Nancy hihihi

Daily pleasure

One great thing I discovered in France is their patiserries.
The visit to boulangerie et patisseries is a daily ritual. There are lotsa different pastries you can find in a french boulangerie. You can't hardly find a dodgy boulangerie or patisseries in France.
Here are 2 tartes aux pommes (apple tarts) and une part de flan nature (natural flan).

Fruits... glorious fruits

Why not start with a healthy entry? hehehe... Peaches and apricots are the fruits of summer season. They start to populate the market stalls since spring actually. Although strawberries, cherries and melons started to fade away, but peaches and cherries are here to stay.

What inside of a peach looks like. They remind me of mango. While mango is very expensive in France, so I suppose peach is like the mango of France? hehehe

I found these at the nearest supermarket. A pre-cut fruits. I bought melon (rock melon in english), and 3 melon (consists of watermelon, rockmelon, and honeydew).

jeudi, août 17, 2006

French foodie found a home

I was thinking.. why not?