mardi, décembre 02, 2008

Ferrero Rocher

Chocolatesss mmmm....

Dunno if you had one of these yet.
Ferrero Rocher - Pistachios
Ferrero Rocher - Hazelnut

I still prefer the classic ones...

Gâteau au yaourt à la confiture fraise

That means.. Yoghurt cake with strawberry jam. And it's yummy!!!
I managed to get the cake nice and airy. The jam is a great complement to the cake.
The best thing about this cake is... it is so easy to make.
The measuring of the ingredients is based on the yoghurt pot. Easy right?

If you google, you can find a lot of recipes.
This is what I used:

Ingredients list:
1 pot of natural yoghurt
2 pots flour
2 pots sugar
½ pot oil
3 whole eggs
1 packet of dry yeast
1 packet of vanilla sugar

- Pour yoghurt in mixing bowl
- Then goes in the sugar. Mix well
- Put in eggs, then flour, followed by yeast and vanilla sugar
- Comes in the oil
- Mix well
- Bake for about 30 minutes in temperature 4 (180 C)

- Once baked, put it out from the baking pan
- Let cool a bit
- With a knife, cut the cake horizontally
- Spread the jam
- Put the top back
- It's ready!!!

Like the cake is so easy to be made... I even had time to make mini chocolate cake!

lundi, novembre 17, 2008

Sunday comfort food

I'm home alone on Sunday and after few hours, I already missed my husband... huhuhu... So what do I do? I whipped up a comfort food. I know this is bad for my already gaining weight body, but then I just need this... I made "pain perdu", in which in english it is called "french toast" hihihi...
Few minutes later, I'm on the couch and munching on one of these.

Pomme de terre sautée

Special feature: My husband's pomme de terre sautée à la crème fraîche :D

mardi, novembre 11, 2008

Tea for Two

Winter is here and there is nothing like sipping hot tea in front of the fire with your favorite winter reading.
So I don't have fire place in my house, but I still can enjoy my tea in winter right? mmmm...
There are several stores in Nancy which sell all sorts of blended tea. I take tea at the office too. Tea, office, gossips - bliss... So checkout what I got recently.
I splurged a bit hehehe.. I bought 4 sorts - Poire Gourmand (Gourmet Pear), Jasmin Mandarin (Jasmine Mandarine), Blue Sky (this is from the floral assortment - it has rose petals), and Montagne Bleu (Blue mountain - this contains blue flower with hint of honey).

I put them in the individual tea filters for 1 cup. This filter comes in different sizes. You can get it for a teapot. I prepared them now so that when my colleague rang me, I'm good to go for some gossips (i mean tea)...

Mix flakes

The mini box is too... mini..
So I mixed 2 kellogs box into one bowl: Frosties and Coco Crunch. Yum!

mardi, octobre 21, 2008

L'Epi d'Or, Nancy

It has been a while for place-to-eat post.
L'Epi d'Or is a salon thé + bakery + small restaurant, all in one.
At first I only buy the all-time famous pain au chocolat, and their beignet de carnaval, but then I tried once to eat here, and I like the choices that they offered. Especially the choice of salads that you can get here. Shaz and salad? That can't be right. Yup it's not easy for me to eat salad (or vegies) but L'Epi d'Or has the right stuff for me.
And yes.. they opened since 1928.. hmmm....

Other than Salade de Chevre Chaud (Warm Goat Cheese Salad), this is another salad that I like, la Salade de Brie Au Pilat.
It's basically green salads, tomatoes, bits of Brie cheese, and the brown on top is Brie cheese fried with crumbs... yum yum!!!

Of course their desserts are so so nice... My fav is la crème brulée. The mousse au fruit (framboise ou abricot: raspberry or apricot) are equally yummy...

Bon app!!

dimanche, octobre 12, 2008

Hari Raya is Makan time!

Hey!! It's that time of the year again!
Despite of my passion of cooking and baking, I don't like that much to have guests coming over to my house. One reason is that I don't have much place in the appartment to receive guest. Anyway, it's always a pleasure to have this Hari Raya makan-makan. This year is the 3rd year (out of 7 years in France) am organizing the makan-makan.

Here is the company this year. Seems like this year is the smallest group I ever had. Next year there will be some changes too. Two of them will finish their studies,1 practical staff will go home as well.

FYI, I made all these (only with the help of my butcher for the lamb ribs).
I started my day at 10:00 in the morning, and finished - with all table set and round of Singstar in between, at 5:00 p.m. I had time to take shower, eat, update facebook, before my guests arrived at 8:00 p.m.

So what are in the menu this year?
1- Kuah Kacang.
This is my first attempt to make kuah kacang. I just googled for the recipe and took a simple recipe. The reason for making this is because I just found in a shop the asam jawa (tamarind paste). First thing that came to my mind is.. kuah kacang!

2- Roasted chicken.

3- Deep fried chicken liver.

4- Nasi Briyani.

5- Keropok ikan (Fish crackers).

6- Nasi impit (ketupat segera mini)

7- Gigot d'agneau (Lamb gigot-this is the thigh part) - Ready for the oven...

8- Carrot?? Well, I forgot to snap a photo of the oxtail soup. In it I put some carrots. Just to add some "health" in the menu hehehe...

9- Lamb ribs.
I asked my butcher to make this. Very nice eh??
There are paprika, curcuma and chopped coriander leaves. Very very nice!

Grilled and ready to be cut.

10- Beef rendang (whatelse at hari raya.. hehehe)

Did you notice that there is no picture of desserts?
I didn't make desserts because I don't have any idea what is the best dessert to make. Last time I made agar-agar. But this year suddenly I don't have any idea. Wierd. Anyway, we had cookies, macarons, chocolates, grapes, dates...

That's all for this year... See you next year!

dimanche, octobre 05, 2008

Honey Cornflakes

I tried new Hari Raya "cookie" this year. Honey Cornflakes.. it's sweet and crunchy yum yum!
What you need is cornflakes, honey, butter and chopped cherries.

Mango Lassi

One day I had the urged to drink mango lassi.
Remember my post about Yoplait's Smoothie? Well, the supermarket downstairs doesn't sell it anymore. They always do that that!!
Anyway, another great lassi is at indian restaurant. But you have to eat there.
So I resulted to make mango lassi myself. I searched for mango lassi recipe on the Net and of course there are too many different approaches.
I settled for the simple one: Lait Fermenté (fermented milk), and Mango, with some sugar.
I bought frozen mango from Picard - this is a store which sells frozen foods. For the fermented milk, I got one of the yoplait's at the supermarket.
The result: yummy!! I managed to almost fill up a litre mineral water bottle.

lundi, septembre 22, 2008

Assiette Kebab

Another highlight of buka puasa... the Kebab..
This is une Assiette Kebab. Literally 'Kebab plate' The meat and everything is on the plate instead of in the bread. Yum Yum


One of the highlights this month is Ramadhan. Although here, there is nothing to talk about (unlike in Malaysia, there are lots of pasar ramadhan), but I tried to cook yummy things as often as I can. Meaning that when I have time to visit the butcher and to go cook after work.
Here is one of my berbuka puasa meal....

Latest discovery.. Yoplait Smoothie. It came only with 2 flavors, Tropical fruit(photo) and Red Fruits. I like this one better...

This is Nasi minyak (don't ask me why the color is like that hehe), merguez (lamb sausages) and piece of Veal masak kurma:

Le plateau de repas. My dessert is pot of Creme Caramel:

And of course, some dates:

Tarte au quetsche

It was made from fresh quetsche (a type of prune).
I posted the recipe of the pie crust before. In the oven.. then it's done!

Home-made pie crust dough:

Then, I just put the prunes on the pie crust, and showered them with sugar.

All set for the oven:

The end result:

Time to eat!