samedi, décembre 15, 2007


Last week, I brought my xmas cookies batch to the office, and everyone praised me! I'm happy that they liked my cookies and that gives me more motivation to continue baking. Frankly, I hesitated to bring the batch to the office. Well, what if those cookies are left untouched? or that someone actually get sick from eating them!!
The first day I brought some and left the cookie box in my office. Then, by end of the day it's almost finished. I came the next day with a second box and replinished the one in my office, and put some downstairs in the pantry next to the coffee machine.
Anyway... I'm happy that it's all worked out. I'm not going to bake anymore, at least go the next 2 weeks. There are still a lot of cookies left here in the house, and they must go first. But I think I still have some eggs and butter left which I must used in the next few days.
Perhaps I'll just use the eggs for something easy like french toast or omelette.

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