mercredi, mai 28, 2008

Peanut butter

I bought bottles of peanut butter initially because I wanted to make peanut butter cookies. Then I just found, or should I say, re-found the goodness of peanut butter sandwiches. I hold off the cookies plan, and stick with peanut butter sandwiches for the moment.

I bought smooth peanut butter in Netherlands and crunchy Skippy in a hypermarket here in Nancy. FYI, peanutbutter is not easily found in France. At the hypermarket, the peanut butter is located at the imported goods along with Suzi Wan, Patak's - you get the idea..

Left: Crunchy Skippy. Right: Smooth Pindakaas
In french peanut butter is called "beurre de cacahauette" Literally translated as peanut butter. But in dutch it is called pindakaas which is literally translated as peanut cheese.. Wierd..

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