jeudi, septembre 29, 2011

Ninja House - Brussels

I saw this place with big sign outside saying 'Sushi et Grillades A Volonté'. Translated to All-you-can-eat Sushi and grills'. Yay!! This is my kinda place. It's called Ninja House and it's located near St. Catherine in the heart of Brussels city. I decided to try this place and see what's going on. This place used to be a Chinese restaurant because they still have one signboard outside that says it is a chinese restaurant. And yes, I passed by this place quiet sometime and I always thought it is a chinese restaurant. So I went here for the lunch all you can eat. The price is 17.90 Euros per person. I was expecting a buffet type where there is all you can take kinda thing, hahahaha. But, this place has the ordering system. Which is good because having sushi and raw fish on the buffet spread is not that nice. 2

 What is the system then? 1. You can stay up till 2 hours. - Hahaha So don't think you can stay the whole afternoon there and keep ordering. I wonder how they track this and kick out campers. 2. You can order up to 5 times only - On the order sheet, you have 5 columns. Each time you've ordered, the column will be striked out. So when you strike 5, out you go!!! 3. You cannot order (using the next column) before your current order has not arrived yet - Woohooo... So don't think that you can merge the columns hahaha. But I wonder if there is a timeframe where you can order and put that order in the current column. HHmmmm 4. You must finished what you've ordered - This is to avoid people to happily picking up things from the list and then do not want to eat them. I think the count is 1 euro per sushi left and 2 euros per warm food left. So those are the things that I can remember. Anyway, the system and rules are on the menu in 3 different languages. So don't tell me that you don't know! Boo yah!


 The verdict: The place: I went there at lunch time and it's not that busy. So my order came in quite fast. You can see the people in the kitchen (I mean just their heads), but it looks like they have a big kitchen and a lot of workers. It's a big restaurant, with 2 floors. No worries about getting a table here I think. The sushi: I took makis and sushis. For sashimi you need to add 4 euros extra. The sushis are good. I had my favorites: the salmon, the tuna, the tofu skin (inari), the one with fish roe. It's pretty decent I would say. I suspect that they have prepared some of the sushi beforehand, but I didn't detect any coldness. Everything melts in your mouth and between your teeth. So it's good. The warm food: I took the teriyaki salmon. It's really nice. At first look, I was a bit disappointed with the size. But then, I think you can't have it too big in 1 serving. If you like it first time, then order double portion at the next order. The surprise: The lunch comes with ice cream as dessert. I didn't know about this. I was about to go, then the waiter told me that I must stay for the ice cream hahahahaha. Oh well. So you get 1 scoop of ice cream from the choice of either vanilla, coconut, chocolate, black sesame and green tea. I went for the authentic green tea :-) Overall, I think this is a pretty decent all you can eat sushi place. For a sushi place in the middle of Brussels, I don't think this is expensive. The price is about right. I could go back to this place and also invite other people to go there.


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