dimanche, septembre 18, 2011

Izaka-ya - Chaussee de Vleurgat, Brussels

Authentic japanese restaurant near where I work.
I like to go to this place because when someone walks in, they staff will yell "irrasshaimase". Hehehehe... I like that so much! Their lunch bento provides the best possible combination and it's only 10 euros with free-flow hot tea.

The best is to sit at the counter and watch the staff work. Usually they are busy preparing the order, or preparing the evening menu.


Usually bento are sold out by 12:30. So you need to come really early, especially on Thursdays where bento contains maki and nigiri. Otherwise, you can order from the menu. My favorite in the menu is the mix sashimi (tuna and salmon). You will also get a bowl of soup, 3 condiments and a bowl of rice.




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