dimanche, décembre 31, 2006

Chez Flo - Excelsior

On the Xmas day, we were invited to have lunch at Excelsior. This is one of restaurants in Nancy with high reputation. The decoration inside the restaurant are from Ecole de Nancy (les Beaux Arts).
The appetizer is somewhat cute. In small glass, the top is a light cream, and the bottom is a mix of crab meat, herbs in jelly. Yes, here jelly is used in savoury type of food and not in desserts.

This is what I had and most of other people on the table. Rosini - Pavé de boeuf avec du foie gras (Beef steak with foie gras on the top). The mix of beef and foie gras is yummy! Then it comes with 3 balls of potatoes with hint of truffes (a very expensive kind of mushroom). I thought they should've put at least 5 balls rather than only 3.

This is Pavé de veau (it is veal) and comes with mushroom and artichokes.

Ahhh desserts.. that's what we came for...
Each of us took different dessert on the menu...
This is Gratin de poires fraiches.

This one is Vacherin de glace "vanille-fraise"

This is Croustilles du chocolat.. It is a bit light like a mousse au chocolat.

This is Tarte au chocolat.. It really looks like a bar of chocolate heheh.. It is thicker and the base is very thin. I had hard time to finish it.

Xmas eve dinner

The photos didn't do the justice. There are a lot more foods that night, but I just caught up with eating and doing dunno what kekekeke...
Seafood normally the entrée. That night we had crabs legs, shrimps, oyster, stuffed salmon. And also foie gras, but no picture taken. Forgot huhuhu...

For the main course we had roast lamb, with potatoes and french bean (no pictures taken there because I think I was caught up with eating hehehe)
Off to desserts....
Mister Snow, the ice cream pyramid, and also les petites reductions sucrées.

CentralHotel - part deux

Kodak moment.....

CentralHotel - Offenburg, Germany

This is my second time staying at this hotel. The people who work here are all seniors hihi and they are so nice. I like the breakfast place too. For 35 euro you get a nice bedroom and breakfast buffet inclusive.

Shafeez joined us later... these are the faces of people who hold the fort for him kekekeke

vendredi, décembre 01, 2006


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