lundi, janvier 18, 2010

Molecular cooking

Yes you read it correct.. Molecular cooking. This is my first cooking class :D and I chose molecular cooking hihihi
So what is it actually? After the class, in my opinion it is new cuisine, chemical in the kitchen, revolution, evolution, science, fun, test, practice - all mix together. That is what cooking is all about :D
This is not an ordinary cooking class. If you are looking for new recipe, new menu, new taste, this is not the class for it. Molecular cooking class is a science class, where you learn about science in food and to learn the technique based on science and molecules in the foods.

There are different branches of molecular cooking. There are spherification, mousse, cooking at low temperature, cooking with liquid nitrogen (l'azote liquide in french), and gelification.

For this class, I only learn spherefication. What is it?
It is a culinary technique to make gelification around a liquid that form spheres.
There are 2 types of spherification: basic spherification and inverse/reverse spherification.
"Basic Spherification consists of submerging a liquid containing Algin in a Gluco/Calcic bath."
This technique is used when making "caviar" type (small sphere).
For basic spherification, it is not advisable to use foods which are high in acidity, highly oily and alcohol. (so don't dream of making wine caviar LOL)

"Inverse Spherification consists of submerging a liquid containing Gluco in an Algin bath."
Inverse spherification created more stable spheres, thus can be kept longer.
Usually you add Xantane as a thickener. You may use basically any kind of foods for this technique (unlike the basic technique), such as olives, mozarella, yoghurt :D

Next post shows some photos of my adventure into science fooding!

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