lundi, janvier 25, 2010

Muffins Experiment

This is my first post for muffins, coz this is the first time I bake muffins!! I think there are so many of choices for muffins, I just don't know which one is the best to do first. So today, I tried 2 types of muffins: Banana, and Carrot.

I have made banana loaf/bread for some time, so I am quite sure of the mixing. While, I have never done anything with carrots. I'm quite sceptical with carrot cake/muffin, just because I don't know how it tastes like. Though carrot cake/muffin is a very popular.

I took the recipes from
For Banana muffins, please go here.
For Carrot muffins, please go here.
I added some chopped peanuts, instead of walnut or pecan.

I baked these muffins using 3 different moulds, as part of my experiment.
One batch of carrot muffins, I used the mini muffin metal mould.
Second batch, I used the paper muffin cups.
For the banana muffins, I used the silicone mould which I received for Xmas.
Oh! So this is also my first time using silicone muffin mould :D

Carrot muffins:

Grated carrots

1 grated Granny Smith apple

Dry ingredients mix

Wet ingredients mix

Pouring the wet to the dry mix

Batter ready

Banana muffins:

Dry ingredients

Wet ingredients

In the oven they go!

Small metal mould

The result:

Paper muffin cups

The result:

Silicone cups

The result:

The verdict:
Silicone molds rules!!!! The muffins fall off from the mold without needing any effort. I will never go back to tin/metal molds uhuhuhu

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