dimanche, avril 22, 2007

Weng Hoak, Nancy

I ate lunch at this place almost everyday. I don't eat breakfast, so when the clock strikes one, I'll be rushing to Weng Hoak for some comfort food. Great thing about this place is that it is clean, the food is presentable, the people are great. It is like dining in a restaurant, yet the service is fast (it is cafeteria style). I will try to take the picture of the place in the future. But for the moment, I only have some shots of what Shafeez and I ate last Saturday (easter weekend).

This is Vermicelles Sautés (Fried clear noodles), and black chinese mushroom with prawn as the side dish. The prawns used in this dish are small and sweet. The mushrooms are delight.. It looks mushy but it's not.

This is one of the many entrées that you can get at Weng Hoak. These are set of 3 beignets de crevette (Prawn fritters). Very nice, and crispy (of course)

This one is fried rice with prawn in spicy sauce. The prawns used here are different from the one above. These prawns are meatier and as you can see.. bigger.

samedi, avril 21, 2007

Weekend cooking

One good thing about having all the necessities in the kitchen is that you can start cooking when you want to. But living smack in the middle of the town, I usually buy things to be cooked on the same day. Anyhow.. somethings cannot be finished, like the bag of squids that I bought from the cold storage.
I always like squid.. mmm.. and I can cook a mean deep-fry crispy squid (hehehe).

I'm not a big fan of chicken.. but once in a blue moon, I will try to cook chicken, just for the sake of eating a chicken. Hmm.. doesn't make any sense, does it? Anyhooo.. I bought chicken leg and after it's been marinated with whatever I can find in the kitchen, I just popped it into the oven..

Few months back, my mom send me packets of instant spices. They are very handy if I want to eat Malaysian food without having to chop and ground 100 different spices. Few weekends ago, I used Brahim's Masak Lemak (Coconut spicy sauce) with the perut/babat. This weekend, I don't feel like to eat any saucy dish. So as I browse over the packets of instant spices, I saw the small packet of Seri Aji Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis. I'm not a fan of Nasi Goreng. I think mostly because when people make Nasi Goreng, they are usually spicy.. and I don't like that, and also I'm a big fan of white rice. Yup. I can eat white rice just like that.. I mean without any condiments, or any side dish. But, this weekend, I had the urge to try it, and not wasting the instant packet that my mom sent.
Verdict: I'm surprised that it's not spicy at all. It's ok, but again I'm not a fan of Nasi Goreng.

vendredi, avril 13, 2007

Easter weekend!

Easter for me is food and chocolates!!!
We had an Easter lunch at Annick and Michel's [temporary] house.

This is the centerpiece... yummmyyy...

For entree, we had Tartines of Tuna Mayo with eggs. These are delicious!!! Mmmmm...

Upon my request, we had Goulash as the main course... The reason I asked for this is because I like to eat it but I don't know how to make it hehehe...

Cute mini tomatoes and heart of artichokes. They came with white asparagus also, but none left there.

Of course the masterpiece has been broken and more chocolates inside it! Yum yum.

samedi, avril 07, 2007

Of Strawberries, Banana and Kiwi

When I buy fruits, they are usually either fruits of the season or when they are on promotions. Currently, at my usual market fruit vendors, they started to have strawberries, and promotion on kiwis. Well, bananas are pretty much cheap and available all year round. The fruit vendors know me very well. They could say, this girl will buy all kiwis and strawberries until we change the promotion or the fruits at our stall. Last month was about mangoes. They have this promotion on mangoes and I bought mangoes and mangoes almost everyday, until they stop selling them (I think I bought all their mangoes stocks). The kiwis are 3 for 2 euros and for the strawberries, they comes in either barquette or plateau. Barquette is the plastic container, while plateau is the wooden tray.
I'm in the mood of eating kiwi + banana salad at the mo. The combination is just right. Try it, you might like it. While for strawberries, I like to eat them with some sugar (read: lotsa sugar).
I spied that rock melons (cantaloupe) start to emerge. I think next month, would be melon month hehehe...

Grilled Squid and Perut Masak Lemak

This is my first attempt to cook perut/babat. I'm not sure how to cook or if the perut/babat of cow here is the same as the one of malaysian's cow.
(perut/babat = double gras en français)
I use the Brahim's masak lemak ready-to-cook sauce hihihi... easy eh?
As for the squid, I just add in minced shallots and chilies. A bit of olive oil and a bit of salt n pepper.

Served while hot...Yummy!!!!!