samedi, avril 07, 2007

Of Strawberries, Banana and Kiwi

When I buy fruits, they are usually either fruits of the season or when they are on promotions. Currently, at my usual market fruit vendors, they started to have strawberries, and promotion on kiwis. Well, bananas are pretty much cheap and available all year round. The fruit vendors know me very well. They could say, this girl will buy all kiwis and strawberries until we change the promotion or the fruits at our stall. Last month was about mangoes. They have this promotion on mangoes and I bought mangoes and mangoes almost everyday, until they stop selling them (I think I bought all their mangoes stocks). The kiwis are 3 for 2 euros and for the strawberries, they comes in either barquette or plateau. Barquette is the plastic container, while plateau is the wooden tray.
I'm in the mood of eating kiwi + banana salad at the mo. The combination is just right. Try it, you might like it. While for strawberries, I like to eat them with some sugar (read: lotsa sugar).
I spied that rock melons (cantaloupe) start to emerge. I think next month, would be melon month hehehe...

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