mardi, mai 27, 2008

Grilled Salmon, Thai Satay Sauce, Fried Beancurd

Something different this time.
I felt like eating beancurd (tofu) one day. So I encouraged myself to buy the tofu at the near asian store.
I remember the time in Malaysia where we could eat fried tofu with soy sauce. Yum yum. I don't like to eat it with salty kikoman soy sauce. It's too salty. I had my eye on the sweet soy sauce that they have at Fujiyama (local sushi restaurant). Maybe one day I will ask the restaurant if they want to sell a bottle to me.

I found this bottle of satay sauce at a local supermarket. So I thought that I give it a try. Before this they sell also Satay Sauce Ayam brand in a can, but not anymore. The verdict? Ok la.. bottled satay sauce.. enough for the taste, but just like any bottled satay sauce, it is a bit dry.

The whole meal:

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