lundi, septembre 22, 2008

Assiette Kebab

Another highlight of buka puasa... the Kebab..
This is une Assiette Kebab. Literally 'Kebab plate' The meat and everything is on the plate instead of in the bread. Yum Yum


One of the highlights this month is Ramadhan. Although here, there is nothing to talk about (unlike in Malaysia, there are lots of pasar ramadhan), but I tried to cook yummy things as often as I can. Meaning that when I have time to visit the butcher and to go cook after work.
Here is one of my berbuka puasa meal....

Latest discovery.. Yoplait Smoothie. It came only with 2 flavors, Tropical fruit(photo) and Red Fruits. I like this one better...

This is Nasi minyak (don't ask me why the color is like that hehe), merguez (lamb sausages) and piece of Veal masak kurma:

Le plateau de repas. My dessert is pot of Creme Caramel:

And of course, some dates:

Tarte au quetsche

It was made from fresh quetsche (a type of prune).
I posted the recipe of the pie crust before. In the oven.. then it's done!

Home-made pie crust dough:

Then, I just put the prunes on the pie crust, and showered them with sugar.

All set for the oven:

The end result:

Time to eat!

dimanche, septembre 21, 2008

Bubur Nature Treats & Blanquette

Remember few entries ago, I commented on Maggi Bubur Nature Treats? I mentioned that there was no taste of the herbs and chicken? hihihi
Well, I cooked another sachet last week, and guess what? Deep in the box, I found the small sachet which contains the dried herbs and chicken bits!!
This is what it looks like. But then.. the taste is blleegghh.. Now the herbs taste is so strong..

Anyway... This is the picture of Blanquette de veau. One of the french cuisine that I've mastered with approval from my hubby... hehehe

Bubur Cha Cha

Cold weather.. Good time to eat one of the warm Malaysian desserts.
I made bubur cha cha. My version contains sweet potatoes, corn, and banana.
I tried to make the chewy thing. But I only managed to get tapioca grains and not the flour. I attempted anyway to make the chewy thing. It worked but not that perfect... Next time then.. Here is the photo..

Tarte / Pie

This weekend, I'm trying Tarte au Quetsche.
Quetches is a from the prune family. The season for this fruit is in October and it's available in France in region Lorraine (where I live) and also Alsace.
According to Wikipedia, it's also available in Germany, Austra and Switzerland.

Here is a nice little recipe that I used for the base of mirabelle tart last time. I find it just enough for my tart Pyrex (I think about 20cm diameter.. )

Pâte brisée :
250 g de farine
125 g de beurre
1 pincée de sel
1 jaune d'œuf

This is the tarte au mirabelles that I made last weekend.

mardi, septembre 09, 2008

Scones & Marble Cake

Latest venture inside nyanya's kitchen:
Buttermilk scones and Marble Cake

I think I have to think start thinking of Hari Raya menu.. hmmm...
What do you think I should cook?