samedi, juin 02, 2012

Cake aux fromages

Yesterday I have a meeting at the head office for newcomers (employees who just joined within past 6 months). It's a potluck meetup. I was thinking to make chocolate brownies, but then I'm thinking to change something. I don't want to bring dessert. Instead I want to bring a salty/savory snack. It was a SUCCESS!!!!

In France, quite often that one of the snacks in a party is this savory cake. There are many ways that you can mix and match ingredients to make a great snack cake. You can have spinach with goat cheese cake, salmon and olives cake, to name a few. I choose to make cheese savory cake. Cheese is usually quite acceptable kind of taste by most europeans hahahhaha...

On another note, did you see the metal that sticked out on the cake? Yes! It's a new addition in the kitchen :D As it says, it IS a cake tester. What did you use when you want to test the doneness of your cake? I have always use steak knife to check on my cakes. But not anymore! This cake tester is just so adorable :D

Here's the recipe for this savory cheese cake:

150g all-purpose flour
1/2 packet of baking powder (this is roughly about 1 tablespoon)
3 large eggs
100ml olive oil
100ml milk
100g grated Gruyere (Swiss cheese)
salt and pepper 
100g Blue cheese (like Roquefort or Danish blue) - break into small bits
100g mix of Gouda and Cheddar cheese - cut in cubes
Some parmesan
Provencale herbs

1. Pre-heat oven 200C and prepare loaf baking pan
2. In a bowl, add flour and baking powder
3. Add eggs into the bowl, and mix together with flour and baking powder
4. Add olive oils and milk. Mix until batter is smooth
5. Add grated cheese, salt and pepper to taste
6. Add the rest of the other cheese, and some herbs. Pour mixture into the baking pan, and bake for about 45 minutes

Can be served hot or cold.

 Can you see the bits of blue cheese?

Add in Provencale herbs