vendredi, mai 11, 2012

Instant lamb ragout

Remember last post, I posted about the Maggi Chicken Marinate that comes with plastic bag? This time, I try with some lamb. As you can see from the photo, it's a success!! So yes, you can substitute chicken with either lamb or ribs.

I used the "Provencale Herbs" marinate and I used the lamb part where you use to make lamb ragout. Not really sure which part of lamb it is, but it's mostly layers of lamb meat and fat. Yum yum! With this way of cooking, the lamb is part grilled and partly tender, with reduced sauce. 

Give it a try!!! :D

Look how clean the oven dish is. Save time from scrubbing the pan!

mardi, mai 01, 2012

Maggi Marinate and Grill

Huuraaay!1 Product review :P 
This product is so good that I would give this 2 thumbs up. If you ever see this product at your nearest supermarket, do give it a try!!! 
I love grilled chicken / bbq chicken... Yummy yummy....

This product is by Maggi. Other than chicken marinate, it offers also for meat and fish. The pack is divided into 2 section, the top one contains folded plastic bag, and the bottom part contains marinate powder. For chicken, it comes in 3 different choices: garlic (the one I have here), paprika and provencale herbs.

Unfold the plastic bag, alternatively put your chicken pieces (I love chicken wings, so I chose only chicken wings here) But you can use whole chicken, the plastic is big enough for 1 whole chicken. Toss in the marinate powder. Shake the bag. 

It comes with the plastic thing to close and tie your bag with. And it's ready for the oven. You can prepare your meat in advance, and keep this bag in the fridge so that your meat is well marinated.

When the time comes, put this bag in the pan and throw in the oven. Leave in the oven to cook for about 1 hour.

Usually I like to make my own marinate, where I tried all sort of different spices. But this Maggi has a great taste! I love it. Then, the best thing is the bag. It makes the chicken so tender yet crispy on the outside. Just be careful when you open the bag when it's still hot out from the oven. Give this magic bag a try!!!!