lundi, juin 08, 2009

Curry Udon

Location: My kitchen, XL

Friend of mine just shared her recipe of curry noodles (you know who you are ;) )
So I gave it a try last weekend. I bought fishballs from the asian supermarket, and calamar too.
As for the calamar, I covered them with eggs and flour with some spices (my own original recipe), then deep fried.
I use the japanese Udon because I like this fat white type of noodles more than any kind of noodles. Of course it is very difficult to choose from all different types of noodles that they sell at the asian supermarket. There is one long aisle just different type of noodles.

This is the Udon.

This is bowl of Udon and curry with fishballs and tofu.

Top it with deep fried calamar.