mardi, février 19, 2008

Something to start...

Time to add something inside nyanya's kitchen, and to start something new!
Had an extra time last weekend (finally I am not working on weekend!).. I spent almost the whole day in Hall du Livre (a bookshop in Nancy). I managed to grab these cookbook: Cake (anything from Savoury to Sweet Cake - yes in France there is salty/savoury cakes) and Quiche (I'm tempted to start making tarts and quiches)

Today, Annick gave me these 3 cookbooks. I think the titles and the pictures on the cover would explain what they are about hehehe.. I want to try them all!! Merci, Annick!!

lundi, février 11, 2008

Tiger prawn from Malaysia

I found this at the frozen of supermarket...
Easiest way to cook and eat prawn - seasoned them and grill in the oven!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

My first attempt to bake Chocolate Chip Cookies... mmmm....I forgot to take picture of the cookies once they are baked! Next time then