mardi, mars 30, 2010

Leftover Ganache

I had some leftover ganache from my glazed chocolate brownies. It seems a waste to not use it. I took out the ganache from the fridge and pinch it a bit and taste it.. yummy... it's so good, so definitely cannot go to waste.
I googled 'leftover ganache' and I found some interesting ideas. Re-melt it and serve as chocolate fondue is sooo very tempting. But it is dangerous because I am alone with bowl of melted chocolates.. aie aie aie...
So I settled for chocolate truffles (des truffes au chocolate). I never made it before, so it is a good moment to do some tests.
There are so many different coating for chocolate truffles. Scurring for stuff in my kitchen, I found chopped peanuts, speculoos and box of dutch processed cocoa powder. That's it! I shall make chocolate truffles with 3 different kinds of coating. Btw, speculoos is a biscuit quite close to ginger bread, mostly popular in Belgium. I think Neuhaus made chocolate truffles with speculoos coating.

Anyway... here they are...

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