mardi, février 02, 2010

Kari Tepung (Curry with Flour??)

Last December, when I visited my relatives in Penang, Malaysia, my aunt cooked us this dish. This is curry with prawn and pieces of flour dough. I was thinking of it recently and I thought I give it a try. To do on my own. Last weekend, I stayed in Brussels, so it give me opportunity to do get some stuff and do some cookings. After several expensive text messages with my aunt in Penang, here we go!

First of all, I'm going to put on here the recipe. More like instruction that she sent to me via sms.
And I quote
"...labu air,udang, tepung, tomato,bawang masuk dalam peruk[sic] bubuh santan dan kari daging. Masak sampai tepung lembut tutup api. Goreng bawang dah kuning bubuh daun kari tutup api curah dalam kuah tepung tadi. Siap dah"

So let me put it in the way I understand it.

1 gourd (this is an asian vegetables. It looks like pumpkin of sort but light green with white inside. You can get it in asian shops. But as you can see later, I substitute this with okras)
About 200 grams of normal size prawn
1 tomato
1 onion
Curry paste (beef curry) - I use Thai red curry paste
About 250ml coconut milk

Additional items:
1 onion (again)
Curry leaves

For the flour dough:

Salt to taste

For the dough
- add water to the flour. Add the water gradually until you obtain a round dough. It depends on how much you want to put in it and how much curry you are making.
- roll the dough until it becomes flat (see picture below)
- fry on a non-stick pan with no oil (see picture below)
- then cut it into pieces (see picture below)

For the curry:
- put some oil in the pan
- add curry paste and chopped onion
- fry until fragrant
- add the coconut milk, gourd (in my case, the okras), sliced tomato, prawns.
- add the flour pieces
- if needed you can add a little bit of water.
- simmer until the gourd (or okras) is cooked

While waiting for the curry to simmer, fry the "additional items" - onion and curry leaves.
I omitted this step because I don't have curry leaves. Instead I put in fried onion.

Once all is done... serve with hot white rice...

For your information, this is the original recipe cooked by my aunt, looks like. Picture took while I was in Penang. Hmm.. I think I should make my curry less thick and the flour thinner....

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