mardi, mai 15, 2007

Rendang, Ketupat and Mini Nasi Impit

Look what I found in my collection of Malaysian foods!
I have all what it takes to make a nice Hari Raya dish hehehe...
I asked my mom to send Nasi Impit instant because for once I like to eat nasi impit without having to impit (packed) the rice in the tupperware.
So my mom sent them to me, and in addition, it is the mini nasi impit!
(note: Nasi means rice, Impit/Himpit means packed)
I never had Mini nasi impit before.
It is like 6 times smaller than the normal Nasi Impit instant.
So here is what the Mini Nasi Impit looks like when it's out from boiling water and the rice is cooked. It took about 60-90 minutes to cook them.

Nasi Impit with the classic side dishes: Beef Rendang, and Serunding Daging (beef floss)

This is what my hubby had. Poissons panés avec des petites boules...

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