dimanche, mai 06, 2007

Bolu Kukus Pondan

Don't judge the book by it's cover.. kekekekeke
Weekend is here again... Time to look inside the closet and find what are the things that have been there all these years and at the point of expiring. I found a box of flour for Bolu Kukus. I bought this flour long long time ago at Sanglee in Eindhoven. Finally I found the force to make it. One reason is that I don't know how much this box will make. I'm scared that I will end up with 20 cups of bolu.
A bit about Bolu Kukus:
- this is more of Indonesian cake than Malaysian cake. We do have this kind of cake but I think the name is Apam Kukus.
- Although different nationalities, it has a common name - "kukus". "Kukus" means steam.
- Hence, this is a steamed cake.

These are the ingredients needed. Look! I found some colorings in the closet too! Cool...

I divided the mixture to 3 parts, where I gave them green and red colors. One part is left natural.
Here are the results!!!
Although the taste is good, and the consistent is OK. But the bolu should be fluffier. And the top should opens up (refer the picture on the flour box above). This is a normal failure for an amateur of apam/bolu making. I think it's because I didn't beat the mixture long enough.

This is as much as I get from 1 box. 7 cups of bolu. In the picture there are only 6, coz 1 is in my stomach already hihihihi...

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