dimanche, avril 22, 2007

Weng Hoak, Nancy

I ate lunch at this place almost everyday. I don't eat breakfast, so when the clock strikes one, I'll be rushing to Weng Hoak for some comfort food. Great thing about this place is that it is clean, the food is presentable, the people are great. It is like dining in a restaurant, yet the service is fast (it is cafeteria style). I will try to take the picture of the place in the future. But for the moment, I only have some shots of what Shafeez and I ate last Saturday (easter weekend).

This is Vermicelles Sautés (Fried clear noodles), and black chinese mushroom with prawn as the side dish. The prawns used in this dish are small and sweet. The mushrooms are delight.. It looks mushy but it's not.

This is one of the many entrées that you can get at Weng Hoak. These are set of 3 beignets de crevette (Prawn fritters). Very nice, and crispy (of course)

This one is fried rice with prawn in spicy sauce. The prawns used here are different from the one above. These prawns are meatier and as you can see.. bigger.

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