mardi, décembre 02, 2008

Ferrero Rocher

Chocolatesss mmmm....

Dunno if you had one of these yet.
Ferrero Rocher - Pistachios
Ferrero Rocher - Hazelnut

I still prefer the classic ones...

Gâteau au yaourt à la confiture fraise

That means.. Yoghurt cake with strawberry jam. And it's yummy!!!
I managed to get the cake nice and airy. The jam is a great complement to the cake.
The best thing about this cake is... it is so easy to make.
The measuring of the ingredients is based on the yoghurt pot. Easy right?

If you google, you can find a lot of recipes.
This is what I used:

Ingredients list:
1 pot of natural yoghurt
2 pots flour
2 pots sugar
½ pot oil
3 whole eggs
1 packet of dry yeast
1 packet of vanilla sugar

- Pour yoghurt in mixing bowl
- Then goes in the sugar. Mix well
- Put in eggs, then flour, followed by yeast and vanilla sugar
- Comes in the oil
- Mix well
- Bake for about 30 minutes in temperature 4 (180 C)

- Once baked, put it out from the baking pan
- Let cool a bit
- With a knife, cut the cake horizontally
- Spread the jam
- Put the top back
- It's ready!!!

Like the cake is so easy to be made... I even had time to make mini chocolate cake!