dimanche, juillet 24, 2011

Croustillant aux pommes

An experiment in the kitchen :D

This is my first time using phyllo/filo sheets. In french it is called 'Brick' hihihihi
This pastry sheet typically used in the Middle eastern cuisine and dessert (such as baklava) and in some Greek cuisine (with feta cheese filling). This is the equivalent to Asian's spring roll wrap.


I've decided to experiment this using a simple caramelized apples. There are 2 ways of cooking this. It's either bake in the oven or fried in a pan with a little bit of pan. Of course, the best is if you fry them :/

Anyway, I tried to do the same as the dessert that we had in a pattiserie in Nancy.
Usually you make it like samossa (triangle shape with fillings).
But the dessert we had in Nancy was in a cup shape. So I thought by baking it in the cupcake molds is the way to go.

First, dice the apples (I used Golden apples). Then in a pan, add 25g butter, the diced apples, 1 tbsp sugar, 1tsp ground cinnamon. Of course you can add more if you like to have stronger taste.


Then, cut the phyllo into 4. Usually phyllo sheets came in round shape. So what I did is cut it into 4. Melt 25g butter with a bit of sugar. Spread the butter on each side of the pastry.


Line the muffin cups with the phyllo sheet and stuff with the caramelized apples.


Bake for 8-10 mins until the pastry is brown.


- When it's cool, the phyllo tend to get soft and soggy at the bottom. Perhaps I need to put almond flour at the bottom so that it can absorb the liquid from the apple. This only happens if you bake I think. I don't think you have this soggy issue if you make it into triangle and fry them.

- Nevertheless, I transferred them onto muffin paper cups and when we want to eat it, we popped them into the oven for some 10 minutes. It's yummy and great with a scoop of vanilla ice cream :D

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