dimanche, juillet 24, 2011

Angelina - Paris

Yummy!!!! If you like french pastries... indulge yourself here. OK sometimes the usual mamie's pattiseries can be even better. But once in a while, dining in this chic salon de thé with nice decor doesn't hurt :D


You need to come here at the right time to avoid the queue. The one at rue de Rivoli in particular because of the location (tourist area). We were lucky enough to come at the right time :D It helps also that we were only 2. Apparently they have small tables in the salon.

I had the Fraises. I didn't know that it's Verrine de fraises. I was expecting a cake similar to fraisier. But the description is a bit deceiving:
Brioche toastée, crème brûlée à la vanille Bourbon, purée de mara des bois, fraises fraîches, petits sablés

The petits sablés is really petit.. LOL


Nevertheless you cannot go wrong with the patisseries here. My friend took the millefeuille.. it's high and very yummy. I know I am such a pig that I ate also half of my friend's millefeuille. Shame on me hhuhuhu




Move away Macarons, here comes Macalons :D



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