mercredi, juillet 27, 2011

Edamame - Salted Soybean Snack

Well-known japanese snack. I bought this frozen snack from the Japanese store near where I work.
At first it was kinda wierd to eat them, but after awhile it becomes addictive and I get the idea how to eat them.
You have to squeeze slowly the skin so that the first bean pops up, then pop it into your mouth. As said on the packaging, that it is salted. I was scared that it's going to be too salty. But it's not. It has the right amount of salt. But it makes you thirsty anyway :D

It's a beauty:

Frozen edamame:

Thawed edamame:

Warm them in the microwave for about between 4-6 minutes:

Great snack in front of the telly :D

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