mardi, novembre 11, 2008

Tea for Two

Winter is here and there is nothing like sipping hot tea in front of the fire with your favorite winter reading.
So I don't have fire place in my house, but I still can enjoy my tea in winter right? mmmm...
There are several stores in Nancy which sell all sorts of blended tea. I take tea at the office too. Tea, office, gossips - bliss... So checkout what I got recently.
I splurged a bit hehehe.. I bought 4 sorts - Poire Gourmand (Gourmet Pear), Jasmin Mandarin (Jasmine Mandarine), Blue Sky (this is from the floral assortment - it has rose petals), and Montagne Bleu (Blue mountain - this contains blue flower with hint of honey).

I put them in the individual tea filters for 1 cup. This filter comes in different sizes. You can get it for a teapot. I prepared them now so that when my colleague rang me, I'm good to go for some gossips (i mean tea)...

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