dimanche, octobre 05, 2008

Mango Lassi

One day I had the urged to drink mango lassi.
Remember my post about Yoplait's Smoothie? Well, the supermarket downstairs doesn't sell it anymore. They always do that that!!
Anyway, another great lassi is at indian restaurant. But you have to eat there.
So I resulted to make mango lassi myself. I searched for mango lassi recipe on the Net and of course there are too many different approaches.
I settled for the simple one: Lait Fermenté (fermented milk), and Mango, with some sugar.
I bought frozen mango from Picard - this is a store which sells frozen foods. For the fermented milk, I got one of the yoplait's at the supermarket.
The result: yummy!! I managed to almost fill up a litre mineral water bottle.

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