mardi, octobre 21, 2008

L'Epi d'Or, Nancy

It has been a while for place-to-eat post.
L'Epi d'Or is a salon thé + bakery + small restaurant, all in one.
At first I only buy the all-time famous pain au chocolat, and their beignet de carnaval, but then I tried once to eat here, and I like the choices that they offered. Especially the choice of salads that you can get here. Shaz and salad? That can't be right. Yup it's not easy for me to eat salad (or vegies) but L'Epi d'Or has the right stuff for me.
And yes.. they opened since 1928.. hmmm....

Other than Salade de Chevre Chaud (Warm Goat Cheese Salad), this is another salad that I like, la Salade de Brie Au Pilat.
It's basically green salads, tomatoes, bits of Brie cheese, and the brown on top is Brie cheese fried with crumbs... yum yum!!!

Of course their desserts are so so nice... My fav is la crème brulée. The mousse au fruit (framboise ou abricot: raspberry or apricot) are equally yummy...

Bon app!!

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