dimanche, août 27, 2006

Tea time @ Weng Hoak

Saturday, day to do shopping and window shopping.
After a tiring day hehe, I decided to stop by at Weng Hoak, and I know at 5p.m there are no one eating there. That would give me a quiet time for tea time.
So I took a pao, and set of 4 crab rolls, with hot green tea.
I like pao, not because of the fillings, but because of the dough.. I think I can just eat the dough without fillings hehehe... Then the crab rolls are delicious, not oily at all. The outside part is the "brick", dunno what it is called in english. It is actually like popiah skin, but vietnamese use a skin made of rice flour. And when it is not cooked, the skin has white to transparent color.
The green tea came in a very nice chinese mug. As you can see, it has a special tea filter. Just let it set for few minutes, then take the filter out, and you have a mug of hot tea.

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