mercredi, août 23, 2006

Chinese + Japanese

This is what I had yesterdayfor lunch. Today I had takeaway kebab and fries, but they all gone before I could say cheese hehehehe.
Still not that happy with the quality of photos taken by my qtek. Have to tickle some of the properties perhaps.
This is one of the chinese hangout place that I like.
So I had the white flour thing (chee cheong fun??) and underneath them, there are some taugeh. They called this "Ravioli Vietnamien" (Vietnamese Ravioli). It's serve lukewarm and the sauce is kinda special (I think it is popular for vietnamese sauce). I added some kicap to go with it. And I also had sushi. Since sushi is not their specialty, the sushi consists of non-raw products (spinach, carrot, omellette). And the prawn there is not raw, it has been boiled I think.

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