mardi, mars 25, 2008

Nasi Goreng and Ikan Bilis Goreng.. Yum!

I managed to pickup parcel from my mom from Paris (left by my brother to one of the Embassy's officer -- long story)
Anyway, one of the stuff in there is the Nasi Goreng instant spices.
I added in prawn (Malaysian tiger prawn - mind you, bought at Auchan), some scrable eggs (actually 3 eggs which were broken after I accidently dropped the 4 pack just outside St. Seb).
Inside the parcel also there are some dried anchovies -- mmmmm
I fried some of them and ate with the fried rice (nasi goreng)
Nasi = Riz = Rice
Goreng = Sautée = Fried
Ikan Bilis = Anchois = Anchovies

Here are some photos from nyanya's kitchen!!!

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