jeudi, janvier 01, 2009

Feuilles de Vigne / Olives farcie feta

I've discovered the feuilles de vigne and feta cheese when I was on my first work trip to Sofia, Bulgaria.
Feuilles de vigne literally translated as vine leaves in english.
It is a typical food for those mediterranean countries including eastern europe and Greece. It is usually rolled vine leaves with rice inside it mixed with aneth, lemon juice or some other bit of spices. The feuilles de vigne is best eat with yoghurt sauce. But they are yummy even eating like that.
I bought feuilles de vigne at a market near my house where they also sell different type of olives. My fav is Olives with herbs. But as I like feta cheese as well, so I chose Olives stuffed with feta cheese this time. Feta cheese is a simply goat cheese.
Something that reminds me of the good ol warm Mediterranean weather during the icy cold time at the moment.

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