jeudi, avril 16, 2009

Smooth the smoothie

Something new in the kitchen peeps!!!!

I passed by lots of juice bars and healthy bars around here. So I had the urge to do it on my own. It is much cheaper too...
A colleague told me about smoothie with Spinach. I looked up on Youtube (yeah so long Google), for spinach and smoothie. Amazingly I found a lot of videos on how to spin the vegies in the blender!

So I have been experimenting on Spinach and different kinds of fruits combo.

For tonight, I tried with these ingredients:
Spinach, Freshly squeezed Orange juice, Banana, Strawberry Yodrink

Here is the result! I like the foam built on top of it.
OK so it does not look that appealing. The green color is something that you have to deal with when you are using green leaves.
But the taste... amazing!!!! It does not have the taste of spinach. From my experience, banana has a strong taste. So basically it tastes the sweet of banana and orange juice. I added the yodrink in order to make the smoothie a bit thicker.
Leave it in the fridge so that it is cold a bit, and then sip it away!!

I don't eat spinach, in fact I hate it.
But I just finished this glass which contains about 100g of raw spinach!
What a great way to get vegies in your body! :D

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