samedi, mai 30, 2009

au Chocolat Frappé

Venue: La Gourmandise, rue des Ponts, Nancy.

It has been long time that I want to put up the review. Just could not find the good time to snap the pictures. This place is a chocolate shop but they put some tables inside it.

My friends and I call this place 'Chocolat Frappé' because I introduced them to this place where you can get chocolat and café frappé. It is very rare in France to find place such place. As we all know, french is very strict of café and chocolat. Those starbucks frappés are known in France as coffee with lotsa ice water.
Anyway, I like frappés,and I've discovered this place some years ago. This is as good as frappé that you can get.

Anyway, other than frappés, they have desserts which are called l'instant Américain, l'instant Quebecois and l'instant Croquant. Each has different combinations of toping and ice creams.

We used to have this as our dessert at lunch time :D
This is one of the all-time favorites: l'instant Américain.
It contains vanilla ice cream, white chocolate ice cream, chantilly, chocolate sauce, and... warm chocolat brownies.. mmmmm

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