samedi, mai 14, 2011

Oily post

It has been a long time I fried something in the house. I have this 1 bottle (1L) of vegetable oil which has been sitting on my kitchen shelves collecting dust. Most of the time I'm using vegetable oil to make muffins. But then this fine Saturday, I had the urge to eat something oily. And also collecting dust are the pack of Malaysian instant beignet (cucur ikan bilis) and the pack of fish crackers. I had with me for 2 years I think and usually I saved them for when my siblings come to visit me, but then that didn't happen as we were so much busy doing things and most of the time I don't feel like cooking when they were here. hihihi....

So this afternoon, I had the courage to do something oily and still there are some vegetable oil left. Oh well, for muffins next time.

Here it is, Cucur Ikan Bilis (Anchovies Beignets)

These are the fish crackers

Yes, there are a lot of them :D But I don't think I have trouble to gobble them up!!
For my brothers and sisters: Sorry aaah... I eat first :D

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