dimanche, janvier 28, 2007

Le Grenier à Sel, Nancy

For our 6th wedding anniversary, we chose a 1-star restaurant in Nancy, called le Grenier à Sel. The restaurant is situated on the first floor. When we opened the front door, we were greeted by no one!.. hmm so this is a good start. We decided to go upstairs, and there where all the warmth came in.
We were greeted by a lady who I believed the owner and the wife of the chef and the maitre d'.
The room is not that big, and there are only 8 tables, which ours is the last one empty (we were late because difficult to find a parking place! - The restaurant is 10 mins by walk from our house, but we are lazy and decided to take the car hihihi).
Then the gourmet journey begins....
(my explanation might be bland hiihihihi)

Bloc de foie gras, mousse de foie gras with expresso (yes the top thin layer is coffee), toast.

Very very nice seafood piece based on langoustine, with crispy potato strip and cute slices of truffes.

Then, came Sorbet de Mandarin with Grand marnier.

Grilled seabass, and if you look under the leaf on the vegies strip, there are small clams. In the test tube, there is the sauce for the meal. Delicious...

First dessert.. small cubes of pineapple wrapped in jelly-like wrapper, and in the glass is pineapple milkshake.

Second dessert: Truffes icecream, with macaron de noissette.

It was a very great gourmet journey... we didn't know what we will get, so it was a surprise, a very delicious surprise. There are other servings which I forgot to take the photo: the first serving, which is lukewarm cream soup served in the small glass and you eat it with straw, it came with oyster and cucumber cubes wrapped in the clear jelly-like wrapper (just like the pineapple dessert).
And the coffee at the end, is served with a very nice sugar flake on stick, and piece of jelly, crispy sugar flake and small jelly cube...

French restaurants are rated with 1-star, 2-star, and 3-star. It is very difficult to even pass the test and get 1-star. Just look at the servings at this 1-star retaurants, and imagine the servings in 3-star restaurants... One day I'll report on 3-star restaurants.. hihihi

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Doc of Hazard a dit…

how did the waiter hold the butter ?? hehe.. another sign of luxury restaurant ;)

sensei a dit…

commentaries yee.. hehehe..
nih sejak bila ada blog makan lak ni? hihihi...