mardi, août 19, 2008

Bubur Treats

wah!! many moons I didn't update this site!
I've been cooking but just don't have time and energy to take and upload photos.
Yes, that was an excuse hehe
But I am still alive and kicking and eating.
Ate too much I must say! huhuhu
Anyway, we came back from Malaysia with 2 suitcases full of Malaysian goodies!

Here is the latest item I found in one of hypermarkets in KL.
It's MAGGI's Natures Treats. It is instant rice porridge with some herba added to it.
For example this one is Chicken with Ginger flavor and Pegaga.
Pegaga is from herbs family and Malays eat it like salad. I dunno what pegaga is rich in but it suppose to be good for your blood circulation.

At the same day, I felt like eating tofu. It is hard to get good tofu here in Nancy. The close that you can get at the chinese store is the hard tofu (get it? hard to get tofu and I managed to get hard tofu.. ok nevermind)
So I decided to add tofu to my rice porridge.

The result:
Hmm... not much of a taste. I could not taste the chicken, nor the ginger nor the pegaga. I thought that perhaps it will have kind of strong herbal taste.
No chicken bits or it is too small that it is like there is none at all.
I ended up sprinkle it with serunding daging Agromas.

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