samedi, août 23, 2008

Instants Fondants & Choc Chip Cookies

Last week, I bought these 2 cookies to work. They were a big success! I bought only half of the batch each coz I'm not sure if people will like them. It's kinda ashame if at the end of the day the cookies are left untouch.
French people is known for picky when it comes to food and desserts. But at least I can count on the R&D guys who basically can wallop anything. hehehe
No pics tho coz I'm kinda lazy to upload. But I still have em at home. So will see if this weekend I have the courage to put the pics hehehe..
The Admin ladies asked me for the recipes. I let them borrow 2 of my recipe books.
This weekend I might try the meringue cornflakes recipe. I've always want to make meringue. Perhaps I will make semperit also coz Sara is coming next week.

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