samedi, octobre 31, 2009

Agar-Agar Santan Pandan

Wah! So long time I didn't put up my kitchen venture on the net....
This is my latest test in the kitchen... It's the Agar-Agar Santan Pandan.
I have never make anything with Pandan before mainly because it is no easy to get Pandan leaves or pandan essence where I live. Last week, I was shopping at the KY supermarket in Brussels, lo and behold!! I found packs of pandan leaves at the fridge side. There are about 15 big pandan leaves and cost for about 1,70 Euro! What a deal!

One of my favorite Malaysian dessert is agar-agar (lengkong). This is a very easy to eat dessert and especially in hot climate country, this dessert is refreshing. After so many recipes on the internet, I finally settled for the one from
On this website, it is called Agar-Agar Batik. I think it is for the look made by the coconut milk and eggs.

The receipe uses cups. But I just use approximate measurement. Hehehehe...

For the pandan jus, I use about 50ml. For the coconut milk, I used 200ml think coconut milk. For the agar-agar, I use 2 packets of agar-agar powder (total of 24g).

Here's the result :D
The ideal agar-agar santan would have an equal part of the transparent and with coconut milk. This is usually perfected with the correct amount of coconut milk, and how much stirring done. But I am happy that it turns out yummy and nice.

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