samedi, février 04, 2012


What is Rempeyek, you ask? It's a combination of asian spicy crackers/chips and peanut. I found this at the local supermarket. Being a hungry customer, I grabbed this packet without thinking. I've seen this before, but I never want to buy it because of course it won't be the same as the one back in Malaysia. But anyway, it is worth the try.

In this packet, the rempeyek/spicy peanut chips are the mini version. Traditionally as I know it from Malaysia, the size of rempeyek is about the size of bottom of a mug. But Go-Tan's version is like I said mini version, so it is a size of a bottle cap :/ In my taste, the chips is too thick. Anyway, I'm not complaining coz I'm hungry.. So Ohm nom nom nom :D

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