mercredi, avril 28, 2010

Falafel and Humus - O Liban

O Liban is a lebanese restaurant situated in front of my appartment at Chaussee de Vleurgat. It offers variety of lebanese food. I had this craving for falafel. I don't know why but damm I must get my hand on falafels LOL

So I went to O Liban and bought a couple of Falafel, a couple of the thing with meat which I didn't catch the name and a portion of Humus. See, I am not a fan of Humus, but at O Liban the humus looks really nice. And as the guy scoop it into the plastic container, you can see that the humus is thick.

I went home and at them off the plate. Everything is yummy and I licked the humus like it is an ice cream LOL

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