dimanche, avril 18, 2010

Sambal Tempe Ikan Bilis

This is something really exotic, even for me. I don't do this often as it uses 2 ingredients which are not easy to get here in Europe.

First item is Tempe. I don't know if there is english word for this (LOL). It's basically soya beans fermented in some magical ways, and they because a white block. This item is mostly popular in Indonesian cuisine and Southern part of Malaysia. If in Western Europe, you can find tempe at the asian stores in the Netherlands due to the high population of Indonesian decendant there. But last Thursday I went to the Brussels asian supermarket, lo and behold, they have the tempe at the cold section. Yay!!!

Second item is Ikan Bilis. In english it is 'dried anchovies'. These are small dried anchovies. I said small because anchovies in Europe are big. One time I saw dried anchovies sold in the supermarket in Nancy at the pet food section. Food for cats! huhuhu I bought bunch of these small dried anchovies from Malaysia last December. Like any dried fish, this thing is very smelly when cooked (LOL).

I didn't take the picture of dried anchovies. But I have the pic somewhere...

Anyway, here are the Tempe...

Traditionally the beans are wrapped with green leaves. But I think for industrial purposes and that the leaves are scarce, so plastic is a good way.

Tempe cut into 2. You can see the fermented soya bean.

I cut them into small bits. Then I added in some salt, pepper, curry powder.

Deep fried them.

This crunchy bits can be eaten just like that, a yummy snack.

But instead, in a pan I coated them with some chili paste, dried anchovies. Yummy spicy snacks. Can be eaten just like that or with rice.

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