lundi, novembre 29, 2010

Blanquette de veau

Another winter comfort food in my house is Blanquette de veau. It's filling, makes you warm till your toes and yummy!

Here it goes, my place without the potatoes:

About 1 kg veal (shoulders/ribs)
1 tbsp butter
1 tbsp flour
20cl creme liquid (fresh cream) - I use 3% fat Bridelight
1 egg yolk
1 cube beef stock (non-fat)
1/2 kg potatoes
About 400g canned carrots

- Cook the veal with water enough to cover the meat
- Steam the potatoes
(I cooked both in the pressure cooker - veal in the pot and potatoes on the top steam basket)
- In a casserole, put in butter, and add flour to the melted butter (roux blanc)
- Then add a bit of water from cooking the veal. Add bit by bit until you get a sauce.
- Add in beef stock cube. Stir until dissolve.
- In a bowl, add creme liquid to the egg yolk and stir together
- Add it into the casserole
- Add in the cooked veal,carrots and potatoes (cut into big chunks)
- If the sauce is thick, add in some water from cooking the veal.
- Check the taste (with the stock cube I don't need salt)
- Simmer slowly.
- Serve while hot :D Bon appetit!

Hubby's plate with potatoes:

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