jeudi, novembre 18, 2010

Birthday project

Since my birthday falls on Saturday this year, I decided to bring some baked goodies during the weekday. I take Friday off, so that means I wl bring in the cakes on Thursday.

I decided to bake 3 different kinds of cakes this year. I've narrowed down 3 recipes and arranged them in the order what to be baked first. Yes, it needs planning because I only have a limited time to bake in the evening. After work I have gym classes to attend, and no I don't want to skip them. It's also good to spread the bakings over some days because:

1. I won't be too tired

2. The oven won't be too tired

3. Not so much dishes to be in the dishwasher at the same time

4. Cakes are better after 24 hours

I baked the cakes in the following order:

Tuesday night: Cream Cheese Chocolate Brownies

Wednesday night: Apple Cinnamon Bread and Lemon Mini muffin

Thursday morning: Eat time!

Cream Cheese Chocolate Brownies

I like making the Chewy Choco Brownies. I think I made it 3 times within 1 and half month!

This time I added cream cheese topping to the recipe. The recipe is taken from Joy of Baking website. It has the marble effect as well. I'm not that artistic, so the marble is more like swish swash swirl. It is so yummy and the brownies are dense, I think because it is 'protected' by the cream cheese. I made this first because cheese cake is known to be best refrigerated overnight. It is proven true!!!! When it's still chill out from the fridge, have a glass or pan filled with hot water. Before each cut, put the knife in the hot water, then wipe the knife, and you'll have a clean cut brownies.


Choco Chewy Brownies recipe - base

Cream Cheese Topping recipe - topping


Apple Cinnamon Bread

This is an easy recipe too. There is no need to use machine. Dump all ingredients and mix well.

Apple Cinnamon Bread recipe

Lemon Mini Muffin

I have 2 trays of mini muffins and I seldom you them. Why? Because it's always easier to bake 1 big cake! Also, it's time consuming to grease the trays and from previous experience, I had trouble getting them out (huhuhu) But it has been for some time that I want to use the trays. I found the lemon mini muffin recipe, and decided to do it. For the first time I used baking spray. Wow, it's amazing! Just spray on the trays and the mini muffin came out so pretty :D

I think we can expect more mini muffins in the future!!!!

I hope my office mates enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed baking the cakes :D

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