mercredi, juin 15, 2011

Best chicken wings evaaaaaa

OK, I'm saying that because I was hungry ^^


Since my dukan diet, I've discovered the pleasure of grilled chicken wings. It's part of my pure protein meal which is now becoming my staple meal. I hope that I did not develop allergy to it as Mr. Shrimp did to me huhuhuhu.

Things I added to these marvelous parts of chickens are:
Paprika, Salt, Pepper, Tandoori spice, Ground coriander, Celeri salt, Dried rosemary, Curcuma.
Sometimes I added bit of honey, or soy sauce.
Most important is..... no oil ^^



If only I could grill these wings on hot charcoals grill... Mmmmm yummaaayyy (I'm a sucker for bbq)

As for my Amour, des pommes de terre sauté avec des omelettes :D


Bon appetito!

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