dimanche, septembre 30, 2007

Nasi Lemak and Sambal Ikan Bilis

This weekend, I'm undecided between nasi ayam and nasi lemak
Nasi ayam:
- rice cooked in chicken broth
Nasi lemak:
- rice cooked in coconut milk

Until Saturday evening groceries, I haven't got a clue of what to cook.
This morning, I woke up (early mind you), and after I just remember that during groceries I bought canned tomatoes, for anchovies sambal (sambal ikan bilis). Therefore, I decided OK, we'll do nasi lemak then. Sambal can be eaten with basically any rice. But it's best to it with nasi lemak! But to make nasi lemak, I need coconut milk. I rummaged through my kitchen, and there it is! A can of coconut milk (which I don't know how long it's been there ihihihi. I checked the expiry date and it's still OK. So I thought there is no difference between when it's been sitting there in my kitchen or in the shop, rite?
So, rice - check, coconut milk - check, chilies - check, canned tomatoes - check
The anchovies?? I always knew that I have a tupperware of dried anchovies stored in the fridge. My mom posted it to me ages ago. I think early this year or so. I thought.. dried anchovies, in the fridge, in airtight container.. they can't turn bad, can they? I open the container and zooming for any moving micro-organisme. Looks good to me. In fact, the anchovies looked so clean!

I started with the nasi (rice) first. Amazingly I always prefer to cook rice in a pot "manual" way, rather than using the rice cooker.
Went in the rice, water, coconut milk, ginger slices and a bit of salt.
Oh.. I don't have the exact measurement for those ingredients. As for the rice+water+coconut milk proportion, I used the "manual" method, taught by my mom, aunt and grandma. I measure it by using my fingers.
Anyway.. while the rice on the stove, I started omelette. Usually hard-boiled eggs accompanied nasi lemak. But I'm kinda lazy to use yet another clean pot. So I just make do with omelette, so that I could still use the pan to fried the sambal.
Omelette done.

Now the anchovies sambal.
Again I don't use exact measurement, but here are the ingredients:
Anchovies Sambal (Sambal Ikan Bilis)
- Dried anchovies (washed and soaked in warm water)
- Onion
- Ginger
- Garlic
- Ground chilies
- Canned tomatoes
- Salt
- Sugar
- Lemon juice

Drain and fry the anchovies. When they turned yellowish, set aside.
Add a bit more oil, then add in onion, ginger, garlic, ground chillies.
After that, add in fried anchovies, add in canned tomatoes, salt to taste, lemon juice and sugar.
Cook in high heat and toss until the sambal dried as your liking. I like my sambal a bit dry.

Serve the nasi lemak with sambal and omelette.. There you go!

Dried anchovies

Anchovies Sambal (sambal ikan bilis)

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