jeudi, septembre 27, 2007


Since it's getting colder these days, I had the tendency to leave work (on time) and straight heading home. Therefore I have ample time to be busy in the kitchen.
Yesterday, I found a Roti Canai recipe on the net, and thought "hey, I have all those ingredients" So I started rolling my sleeves and mix one ingredient to another. Mind you, I don't have electric mixer. All those cooking are by these 2 bare hands! I stored the dough in the fridge so it will be ready when I'm home the next day.
Today, as I got home, I am all fired up to do some Roti Canai.
But, my mistake (a bit), because I didn't leave them to be at room temperature. I straight flatten out the dough and it's a tough task! In addition, I'm all hungry and can't wait to eat my dinner!
For roti canai, you need to spread the dough until it is very thin. If you missed, you might tear the dough. To do so, you need lots and lots of oil. I don't really like playing with oil, coz it's kinda icky. Anyway, it's a good adventure. hihihi
Here are the pics of my dinner: Roti Canai and Beef Thai Curry

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