lundi, septembre 21, 2009

1 Syawal

What's cooking you ask? :)

Last Saturday I spent the day cleaning, groceries and cooking... yes!! cooking!!
It is always not easy to start myself to cook. But when you got the pan heated up..I'm on for it baby!!

This time there's something new. Spring is long gone, but spring rolls are here :)
To tell you the truth, it has been a long time since I make spring rolls. In fact, I can't remember making them in my own kitchen. It would probably with my mom ages ago.
Anyway, after much googling, finally I got some idea as to what would be the filling for the rolls.

I chose mix of beansprouts, carrots and clear noodles.. that's it!

As for the pastry, you can get a normal spring rolls pastry in any asian stores.

Time to roll up those pastries

Deep fried the rolls.. and there you go.. served with any kind of sauce.

Easy, yummy, filling and fun! You can never fail with these spring rolls

On another note:
I cooked something else, at the same time for the Eid.
It's not so elaborate like last year's

For this year, it's ketupat (packed cube rice), beef rendang and peanut sauce (clockwise)


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